Hunter's Lodge is a single storey 1 bedroom new build property fully completed and furnished.

 Floor Plan for Hunter's Lodge (floor area approx. 93 sq. mts.)


Lounge with fireplace

Lounge / Dining Area

Living Area


Kitchen through Lounge
The original garage which is now Hunter's Lodge

From the practical to the sublime. The old garage area has become an elegant  space of grace. The design of this little house is simple, with only 96 sq. mts. of floor area but very lofty, we had to consider the space above the floor as much as the footprint.

Above the kitchen we have installed a large remote-controlled 'Velux' window adding yet more light and allowing ventilation when cooking and during the summer.

Wood is the most common form of heating in Le Marche because it is cheaper than gas and you have the choice of both in this house. The house has a Vulcano wood burner and a high efficiency combination gas boiler both of which provide central heating and domestic hot water.  The system has been installed with a thermostatically controlled mixer which ensures that when the Vulcano wood burner is alight and providing both the central heating and the domestic hot water, no gas is used.  During the summer months the high efficiency  gas boiler provides the domestic hot water.   

All opening windows and doors (other than the main exit doors) have integrated mosquito nets and with the benefit of lockable shutters externally, you can sleep with the doors open during the hot summer months safe from mosquitos and any other nocturnal visitors (foxes, porcupines, martens and boars, amongst others).

Both the small toilet / cloakroom and the main bathroom have extractor fans.  The en-suite bathroom is roomy incorporating a shower as well as a large spa bath providing two levels of hydro massage and colour therapy. 


Kitchen from Lounge

Toilet / Cloakroom

En-suite bathroom with spa bath

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