Gualdo is a sleepy and picturesque little village with a water fountain in the piazza and a shady tree lined avenue bordered by neat flower beds and a children’s garden with play park. 

In the town’s centre Bar Carletti is the meeting place where locals and visitors spill out onto the terrace to share coffee and a chinwag.  Away from the town’s main piazza, and nestled amongst its narrow, stone streets are where the locals put out their chairs and welcome visitors to gather in the summer evenings for a chat.  This is normal summer pace in these sleepy little villages. But Gualdo ranks high in the town ratings for its cleanliness, friendliness, location, amenities and architecture, evidenced by the number of British who have already bought here. The town blends two magnificent old churches amongst its architecture; what better than a peal of bells to remind you of the towns importance. 

Gualdo boasts magnificent views towards the Sibillini Mountains and early risers will see the morning sun diffusing a mantle of powder pink over her peaks, and on a clear day, in the opposite direction you can see the Adriatic sea.

Quaint and ancient though it is Gualdo has every amenity for the visitor: a bank, post office, butcher, baker, laundry, doctor, greengrocer, minimarkets, cafes and a restaurant and petrol station.  And to top it all, a bustling market on Tuesday morning selling clothes, shoes, housewares, plants, vegetables and fresh fish. 

Throughout the summer months, Gualdo hosts a number of cultural events including a renowned cheese and wine fair attracting producers and visitors from all over Italy and during August, Italy’s festival period, there is an event in the town almost every evening.   

Only 20 minutes away are the Sibillini Mountains, beautiful for walking; with gentle pathways for family strolls to more challenging routes for the hiker.  45 minutes away is the coast with the closest beach at Porto San Giorgio.  The coast has something for everyone from the small family beaches to lively resorts with a busy night-life.  Gualdo is already on the map; be sure not to miss it.


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